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BRASSENS ENCORE is a side-project played by Leïla and the Koalas in 2021 and 2022, while writing their next original album. Designed around the musical simplicity of a voice and two classical guitars, this concert was born out of a mad love for the songs and stories of French singer-songwriter Georges Brassens (1921-1981).

What a cultural distance between his figure and the singer Leïla Chevrollier-Aissaoui, a thirty-year-old feminist!
But they have far more in common than we could imagine.
BRASSENS ENCORE aims to start a conversation across genders and generations thanks to the power of poetry in music. 


Visuel Brassens Encore CREDITS NOE C. PH

© 2019  by NOE C. PHOTOGRAPHY. 

The words of Brassens move us and talk to our hearts like no others, in a great jubilation. His poetry belong to the universal. He underlines our commonality by telling the stories of all lifetimes: stories of lost loves, true friendships, stories about irreverence and distrust of powers of all kinds.

Thanks to two brilliant guitarists, Sébastien Lemarchand and Paul Manoeuvrier, the songs of Georges Brassens are renewed with classical and contemporary music.

The emphasis is set on the universality of those stories and the beauty of French language, all enlighten by the sharp creative genius of Brassens.

What a joy to sing such beautiful odes to our shared humanity!

Visuel Brassens Encore CREDITS DIDIER BO