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"There is folk, gospel, country, and soul in their profound songs. Compositions of memory, sensations, sounds as much as flavors"

- Thierry Jolif, Unidivers

Inspired by her trips into the heart of America, Leïla's return home in Brittany was one full of melodies from traditional folk music, drawing on gospel roots.

The jubilant music she writes is absolutely radiant.
Instinctively, instantly, her stories reach to the heart.
There, her pure and deep voice, revealed by subtle harmonies, awakens universal emotions.

Leïla and The Koalas' message is simple: to share the words of love with an unedited voice.

"The voices harmonize wonderfully, as you can hear on the sublime " Everything "

- Jean-Francois Convert, France Televisions Culture 

"An organic, sensitive sound, worthy of the spirit of The Corrs or The Cranberries."

- Clemence Rougetet, Longueur d'ondes




  The voice of Leïla is one made of different traditions and cultures, growing with the strong influences of an African father from the Atlas mountains, and a European mother from the beautiful lands of Bretagne. After a training in music at classical school from the age of 9, the singer-songwriter followed new musical paths into the Appalachian USA, eager to encounter the vibrant folk and old-time scene.
After many trips to the USA, finding herself closer to traditional music, she is moving towards an organic repertoire that highlights the accents of her unique voice. Through her both powerful and delicate voice, she brings her unique presence to Brassens Encore and Leïla and the Koalas.



   Born in 1990, Paul Manœuvrier is a guitarist and founding member of the band Leïla and The Koalas .
Paul followed a brilliant training in classical guitar. In 2015, he is the laureate of the National Superior Diploma of  Professional Musician in Pôle Supérieur / Conservatoire de Rennes.

Involved in several music bands ( Latin'Break, IQA ...), he finds many creative ways to share his passion for guitar, singing and groove.  He finds the true resonance of his guitar through a close bond with the audience.


Sebastien Lemarchand

 Sébastien Lemarchand collaborates with  Leïla and The Koalas on their Brassens Encore project.
He studied classical guitar at the Conservatoires of Rennes and Nantes, followed by the prestigious CNSM in Paris, studying in  the class of  famous classical guitarist Roland Dyens. There, he unanimously obtained his higher education diploma. He performs regularly in various musical bands which have led him to travel all around the world. His concerts and recordings are regularly acclaimed by critics. It is also part of the  Amanecer Quartet .

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Keumlan Hamayon-Seo

    Born in Tongyoung, a coastal town in the south of the Korean peninsula, Keumlan grew up in an environment where music played a very important role.

Drawn to the family piano from an early age, her vocation became a reality when she arrived in France in 2006. She studied at the Conservatoire of Poitiers and Rennes, and graduated in piano. She has a natural approach to music and a true eclecticism in her musical interests. From Beethoven to Ravel, from BTS to Sarah McLachlan, a wide range of influences is to be found in her style.  Her  qualities as an accompanist make Keumlan a unique pianist. She is collaborating with Leïla and The Koalas on their upcoming second album.


​ Jurkiewicz

    Guillaume Jurkiewicz collaborates with Leïla and The Koalas  on their debut album In the Mountains .
Driven from an early age by  his desire to become a musician, Guillaume began to work on the bass at the age of 11. He then turned to the double bass and joined a classical training at the Conservatoire de Rennes.

Eager to work with a band and to enjoy the strength of collective energy, he loves to accompany voices while being at the service of the rhythm. He plays in Leila and The Koalas, FatrasAwake, and played thousands of shows where he acquired a solid stage experience.

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